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Thursday, 6 January 2011

Kudos to Vodafone

I slagged Vodafone a while back about the fact that iPhone users were given a much better deal in terms of data allowances on Mobile contracts, but today I have some good to say about them.

I changed to them from O2 when my contract with O2 was up, purely because their 3G coverage around my home was best. I got a shiny new HTC Desire HD, which I am very happy with.

2 weeks before Christmas, however, I received a very nice little bonus. I had 15MB of roaming data on my contract monthly anyway, but I got a text message that from now on I'd have 25MB to use PER DAY while roaming in the EU. This means I do not have to switch my data off when I'm in Dublin or Cork, and it does not cost me any extra.

Kudos to you Vodafone, you've made me glad I migrated to you.

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