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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Chrome is coming of age.

Just a little post today about Google Chrome. I have often complained to whoever will listen that I don't like the way Google is storing everything online, and I still am rather dubious about the ChromeOS idea, but the Chrome Browser is now my browser of choice on both Windows and Linux, (on Linux I use Chromium, same thing). The browsing experience is so much faster than Firefox 4, which feels very bloated now, and is much better than Internet Explorer 8.

I will try Firefox 5 when it is released, and Firefox still wins when it comes to the various add-ons that are available, but when Chrome finally has an add-on which allows GPG integration, I'll have no reason to use another browser other than to test.

I know this is probably the wrong place to ask, but can somebody please create an add-on for Chrome which will allow me to use GPG encryption and decryption? Ppplllleeeeeaaaasssseeee?

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