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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Unity Part 2

Ok, it's now official. I like the new Unity desktop environment on Ubuntu. In my last post I said I'd give it a fair crack, and it has really grown on me to the point that I now am back to using Ubuntu almost exclusively, only booting to Windows 7 when I need to for some MS Word/Internet Explorer integration work for a customer, where I need to test that out, but that is the only time when I need to use Windows.

It is nice to be able to hit the Windows key on the keyboard, type the first few letters of the name of the programme I want to use and just hit enter. I still have my most used programmes on the Launcher, like Chromium, Thunderbird, the Terminal, LibreOffice Writer and Tomboy Notes, but so far I've not had the need to create desktop shortcuts, which is a novelty for me!

I was at this stage before of course, but the Unity DE did slow me down for a while when I installed Natty, but at this stage I don't think I'll go back to Gnome. I know there is still a lot of Unity hate around out there, but I really think that it is not the disaster it has been made out to be, and that it can actually make Ubuntu useable to a whole new range of people while allowing the "old hands" to do pretty much anything they were doing before.

Now I just need to work on convincing everybody else......

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