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Friday, 28 December 2012

Dropbox and the art of blagging.

In the last few months, I've found myself using Dropbox more and more. It is very useful for sharing files between my laptop and my work XenDesktop, as well as between the Windows (I know, I know) and Ubuntu partitions on my work laptop. I also use it to share information with a small team of people I work with closely on some charity projects, and it really has been an excellent help for that.

Recently, I've found myself using in a slightly different way, which has worked very well also. I've been accessing my Dropbox files from my Android devices, both from my phone and from my Nexus 7. This has been particularly useful for 2 different reasons. First, having extra online storage space meant I was happy enough getting the 16GB Nexus instead of the 32GB one. This is because a lot of the files I will not use regularly can quite happily live in a Dropbox folder and grabbed when required, rather than taking up space on my devices. I never fill my phone 16GB SD card more than 40% full, so I figured I'd be fine with 16GB of storage on the Nexus.
Secondly, I've been delighted by how some of the apps I use regularly on both the phone and the tablet can access the Dropbox folders directly, without having to store the files locally at all. DroidEdit, ezPDF Reader Pro and ES File Explorer all allow me to use items from Dropbox directly. I have to say that the API provided by Dropbox seems to work very well, and makes it easy for me to work the way I want to too.

So this is where the blagging part comes in. I can always do with more Dropbox storage and, short of paying for it monthly, the only way I have left of getting it is by getting others to sign up to Dropbox using one of my invites. This is of course somewhat symbiotic, as they also get more space if they sign up with my invite, but if any of you haven't yet signed up to Dropbox and would like to, getting an extra 500MB of storage in the bargain, please use the following invite link and get me some more space too.

Thanks muchly!

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