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Monday, 23 August 2010

The Communication Conundrum

Ever heard of vicious circles? They roam in hordes attacking poor defenceless triangles and squares and savaging them and.......

But seriously, the lack of communication in some places is astonishing. When you email someone's office telling them that their system is going down for maintenance and what this will mean to them, you'd expect the message to get to anybody who needs to know. Except when you then get an angry email demanding an explanation as to why they cannot access their system in the middle of the weekend.
The circularity occurs when this same person then tears a strip off you because they did not know about the down time and berates you for not communicating with them. The issue appears to be more with their internal office communication, but as usual, Gonzo has to carry the can. I tell you, the temptation to swear loudly in Muppettese was great.

Still, it is not as if my own boss was doing any shouting and agreeing with the customer was it? Was it?....

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