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Friday, 3 September 2010

iPhone Discrimination

Today finds me struggling with the inequality inherent in mobile phone provider's tariffs.

I went into the Vodafone shop in Newry to look at SIM only deals, because I want to move to a provider who actually has 3G coverage around my home rather than having the closest 3G mast 12 miles away (ahem O2 ahem), and I found several tariffs which looked like they would do the trick. There was one fly in the ointment though, only 500MB of data. Now, I'm not a massive data user and 500MB would normally be plenty, but for the odd time I watch something on Youtube (I know, I know) or use GoogleMaps to get me from one place to another, I want to know I have plenty in reserve.

Fine I thought, I'll get the iPhone SIM, which has 1GB data allowance as well as 1GB of BTOpenzone data. Wrong. This is only available in a MicroSIM and only for the iPhone.

I figured that they would be able to up the data allowance on the normal plans, even if they would charge extra, but wrong again. No dice they said. I asked them whether getting an iPhone was the only way to get a 1GB data allowance and they said yes. I was flabbergasted, and asked if they were serious, to which they replied yes with such a look of surprise as if to say that if you did not want an iPhone, you must be mad and so did not deserve a higher data allowance.

What in the name of all that is good and pure is the thinking behind discriminating against people who choose not to get an iPhone? Why has the standard of 1GB data only been reserved for those who worship at the altar of Apple? It looks like I will now have to explore the options provided by 3 and T-Mobile, but in Northern Ireland it remains to be seen how good their service actually is.

All in all, an epic fail for Vodafone.

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