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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Well, this is unexpected.....

It's funny how often a simple idea, read in a magazine or heard on the radio, can take your mind on a series of mental leaps which seem to explain a whole lot?
I'll illustrate. I've been feeling off for a while, with vague feelings of unhappiness and general dissatisfaction. I've felt very negative about work, and more specifically about the company I work for and it's management. I'm being asked to carry out a role I was not originally hired for (sales), which I don't enjoy, which I am not good at and which does not use my core strengths as a technical person. All this and I am being judged on my lack of success yet not being paid for the extra work I am having to do. Obviously this causes me stress, but lately it's been feeling more like distress. So I was very surprised when I was reading an article (in Linux Format of all places!) about burnout, and it seemed to describe the way I was feeling exactly.
It is reassuring when it looks like the problem is not entirely with me and I am not useless. I now have to look at ways of makin sure I do not crumble under the pressure, but come through it intact and a stronger person.
The problem is going to be how to avoid the distress. The articles I've read since all suggest that the solution involves changes in work practises and that businesses have a duty of care to their employees to help them avoid this situation. However, I really can't see that happening in my case, as the stress and distress is caused by management policies. Does this give me a big enough kick up the backside to look elsewhere for work? It's definitely starting to look like it.......

Edit: Not my best post, as I was in a Pit of Doom at the time of writing. Things are getting better though.

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