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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Mac Woes

Well, for those of you who know me, you'll know I'm not a Mac fanboy. Don't get me wrong, Mac computers are good computers but I'm just not overly fond of the "Do it this way or not at all" philosophy. Also, they give me the biggest headaches at work.
Because most offices use Microsoft Windows and Office etc., this has become the standard that people know. When it comes to integrating this with Web Apps, there are ActiveX controls that allow a certain amount of integration between IE and MSWord, and this has worked reasonably well, but when we have users who want to use Macs to edit documents, and who have Mac Word the fun starts. Trying to explain that there is simply no communication between Safari and Mac Word can be frustrating, and the solution of using VMWare Fusion to run a WinXP machine solely to use IE and MSWord is cumbersome.
Unfortunately, some people just want something to work without being interested in the difficulties, and for these people it is often my fault that they cannot do what they want, and Gonzo ends up taking the flak.

At this stage, I'd give my left and right arms for a server side editing suite that will simply work in any browser and has standard formatting across all browsers, and works nice and quickly. Unfortunately, this is about as likely as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates coming to my house to sing my son to sleep with Old Norse lullabies. And then for my next miracle, I'll turn water into a fine Irish Single Malt and give up IT for good.......

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